Monday, October 8, 2012

Believe it or not, I AM alive

You're probably wondering what the deal is with Dine O Mite! I can honestly say that I've been traveling like a fiend. In fact, for the first time in six weeks I get to sleep in my bed for seven consecutive nights! (Might I say, it feels damn good to be home.)

More importantly, I've been slaving away at the wood fired pizza oven in my backyard. Progress has been slow because I haven't really been around long enough to really work on it. This is going to be the week that this thing really takes shape though. I doubt I'll be able to top out the dome before I have to leave on Sunday, but I've heard that once I get it past the arch things will fly.

Between work travel and the oven there hasn't been a lot of time for much else. I will say that the Pizza Page - one of the tabs at the top - has been updated. There is a complete list of pizzerias from the Ed Levine / Rachel Rae Pizza Challenge list from 2010. This is really THE list I use when I'm traveling around the country. There are a lot of posts left to do in that realm. By my calculations I've got pictures for over half of the places on the list.

It's an exciting time for us around here. Hopefully this will be the end of the long lulls for awhile. I'll keep you updated on my backyard progress!

Slow and Steady

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