Wednesday, October 10, 2012

NYC: Fornino

A project on Long Island (Nassau County) has made for the perfect jumping point for my full on assault of the Brooklyn portion of the Ed Levine/Rachel Rae Pizza 64 List.

Fornino was on the hit list tonight. Located surprisingly close to the highway, the DiFara-esqe trek through the Brooklyn side streets was a nice change for once.

I slipped into this popular pizzeria with one thing on my mind - a nice hot pizza. The day had been long and I needed to eat and get out while I was still awake enough drive. My waiter brought me a beer and sensed my urgency for sustenance.

The menu had a good variety of classics which they called First Generation, riffs on those classics Second Generation, and the more modernized meat and cheese-centric type pizzas called - wait for it - Third Generation. Since I was a Fornino virgin, I figured I might as well start things slow. Margherita please.

As I waited for my pie to come out a tartufo pizza was laid down at the table next to me. Smelled like absolute sex. Sure, a small will set you back 35 bones (a large 50), but can you really put a price on that? Maybe. I guess.

The crust on my pizza had a nice chew to the exterior while maintaining a softness inside that only comes from painstaking fermentation. The sauce was sweet and simple. The mozz and basil were as you would expect on such a classic rendition - pretty straightforward .
Pizza Margherita

There are no lines to worry about or hipster attitude to be had here. This small narrow pizzeria cranks out classic napolitana with friendly service at a price in line with others serving this level of pie. The dough here  reminded me a lot of Flour + Water in SF.

Does it belong on the list of 64? I certainly think they make a good case. New York's a tough one because there are so many good napolitana places. (not to mention NY slices and grandma style). I swear, next time I'm getting that tartufo, though.

187 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 384-6004

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