Thursday, October 16, 2008

I've Called a Truce with Geraci's

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A few weeks back I was in New York City trying to figure out where I was going to eat for dinner. For the last few years I’ve been trying to get to Una Pizza Napolitana. As far as Pizza goes it isn’t cheap (I think it’s about $20 bucks for 12 inch pizza), and they only take cash. The price isn’t why I didn’t go. The cash only policy isn’t why I didn’t go. It was Tuesday, and they were only open Thursday – Sunday...that's why I didn't go.

So what’s this got to do with Geraci’s?

About year ago I got pissed off at Geraci’s. Long story short, they only take cash and I got tired of having to go to the cash machine every time I wanted a pizza. I just think it’s a pain in the ass. I hate it. I don’t always carry cash with me. That’s it. That’s why I decided to boycott Geraci’s. They had a cash only policy.

So why was I happily going to go to "cash only" place for pizza at a place in New York that is charging 3 times that of one in Cleveland? Good question. It was then that I decided to end the boycott with Geraci’s.

The pizza is awesome. The pepperoni is thick, the sauce has chunks of tomatoes in it, and the edges have crunchy char on them. Oddly enough, the cheese is not a co-star in all of this. The pizza is my favorite on the East Side (Antonio’s wins the West Side).

I think Geraci's has its issues. The service and attitude at the counter isn't what I would call friendly or top notch. We were once charged five dollars for a side of broccoli (five small pieces max) when we sat in the restaurant. I no longer go to Geraci's expecting to get friendly consistent service. I don't eat at the restaurant. Order a pizza to go. Get in and get the hell out. That said, I enjoy Geraci's pizza, warts and all.

2266 Warrensville Center Rd
University Heights, OH 44118
(216) 371-5643

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