Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pinehurst and an Arrowhead

Last week I had to go down to Pinehurst, NC for a business trip. Even though it did rain a little bit, it was a welcome respite from the cold northeast Ohio winter temperatures.

The last time we were down in there my coworker Robb and I ate at an awesome place called Elliot's on Linden. The food is absolutely top notch. I consider Elliot's to be the best restaurant in the area. If you're ever in the area you have got to stop by this place. It's not cheap, but is absolutely awesome.

The second day we were down there I asked someone where a good place to have lunch was. Keep in mind that the guy I work with is a health nut with a 29 waste. The conversation (with him standing next to me like this)

"So tell me, where can I get a good lunch around here?"

"You want the down home cookin'?"

With salivary glands kicking into action I say, "Well, yeah, that'd be great."

"You want to get you some pulled pork?"

I nod eagerly.

"Maybe get you some biscuits and gravy?"

In my best Slingblade imitation I say, "Biscuits and gravy.....mmmhmmmm."

"Some greasy goodness?"

No! Not the "G" word! Shhh, not in front of the health nut!"

It was too late. Robb shut it down. No I'm not eating that stuff, isn't there a deli nearby?

So where did we end up eating? A New York deli in PINEHURST, NORTH CAROLINA. How stupid is that? The deli wsa good, but it sure as hell wasn't "down home cookin'".

The Arrowhead
In the morning I was mapping the property. Typically, it's a fairly interesting task. However, on this morning my subject matter was of a particularly boring nature. To keep myself entertained I always like to look at the native stones that litter the ground.

As I walked around the sandy soil of Pinehurst I looked down and there it was in all its glory an indian arrow head. Laying perfectly flat on the ground with all of the sand washed out around the relic as if to scream to me, "I'm right here! Pick me up!"

I've wanted to find one of these since I was a little kid. My Dad actually informed me that the massive size of this thing implies that it might actually be the head of a spear.

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