Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gourmand's in Valley View

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Valley View is kind of a strange place. There isn't really a city center to it. When I think about it, their claim to fame is the hulking 480 bridge that towers over and through it.

What's this got to do with food? Well, it just happens to be the home of one of my favorite sandwiches in Cleveland.

Gourmand's is located near the intersection of Granger and Canal (on the Burger King corner) in an adjacent strip mall next to the Mr. Hero. They've been around for at least seven years. They make a wide range of sandwiches as well as coffee drinks. As a side business they also sell cigars and wine.

I go there for one reason, and one reason only - The All Italian. It isn't healthy nor is it low-fat. A grilled sandwich on Italian bread, with salami, cappicola, and mayonnaise. It's just a really good sandwich. Although it seems so simple, I don't think I've ever had anything quite so uniquely good. In the end I think it's the sizable amount of meat combined with the mayo.

If you ever have a reason to go down there during lunchtime (they're closed on Sunday) you've got to drop in. They offer friendly service and good prices.


5345 Canal Rd
Valley View, OH 44125
(216) 328-0942

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  1. Gourmands is probably my favorite place in Cleveland. The menu is extensive and Greg and Andrea and amazing people. I even have a special salad wrap named after me. I ordered it so many times, it carries my namesake.

  2. Oh, yes. My favorite is the Cajun Redfish sandwich, which is served with a spicy sauce and cole slaw on top. Terrific!