Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bring Something People Will Eat

With the Labor Day weekend upon us, chances are fairly good that you will have some sort of picnic that requires you to bring something. Typically we try to bring a dish that is not susceptible to heat, while still maintaining some semblance of healthiness.

A friend of ours always has a picnic the week before Labor, so we decided to bring a bean salad and the lemon bars that were highlighted in the previous post (that incidentally brought in quite the audience from Tastespotting).

While Tony Bourdain might not think much ofGuy Fee-ed-ee, we thought Guy's Black Bean Salad recipe was exactly what we were looking for. It would be a welcome respite from the usual heaviness of mayo laden potato or macaroni salads, without the need to have refrigerate.

Guy Fieri's Bean Salad

By the end of the whole affair, the bean salad was pretty much gone. There were a ton of desserts, so the lemon bars didn't get quite as much love. The bean salad, however, was the belle of the side dish ball (and about a tenth of the work).

Is bean salad sexy? No, but it gets much love when lined up against the usual picnic side dish suspects.

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  1. I'm okay with Guy Fieri--Sarah hates him--but that bean salad looks really good. Beans are highly underrated. I brought the baked beansa at to a pig roast last year, and they didn't last very long.