Thursday, March 31, 2011

Santo Suosso

The Santo Suosso's Pizza

Regina happened to be out in Medina for a gymnastics meet and asked if I had any requests for dinner. In an ideal world she'd be picking up the pizza from my childhood - the almighty Rustic Inn. (I'll take a large pepperoni and sausage please.) In an ideal world not only would Rustic Inn still be open, but I'd also have six-pack abs, and possession of last week's winning Mega Millions ticket.

Rustic Inn is long gone, my abs...well, I haven't seen those in I don't know how long, and the Mega Million's? Well, I'm writing this aren't I?

Santo Suosso's is known for making a good pie. This little Italian restaurant opened long after I left Medina as a teenager, but people have told me, "Man, you've got a try their pizza."

My wife got home and handed me the box. Upon opening it, I have to say it looked pretty good. The crust was was very Rustic Inn-esque. The crimped edge didn't have an overly doughy-ness to it. The pepperoni and cheese are what I would consider similar to what you find in this area, but the sausage was a nice addition to both the flavor and texture of the slice.

I'd say this place cranks out out solid pizza. If I was in the neighborhood (in this case the city of Medina), I'd stop in and pick something up. I can't speak about the actual restaurant. I've never stepped through the door. Santo Suosso does, however, offer a full slate of Italian entrees and dessert.

Santo Suosso's
3725 Medina Rd
Medina, OH 44256

(330) 764-9888

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