Monday, February 21, 2011

Hiroshi's Pub

Since last summer I have wanted to try Hiroshi's Pub in Beachwood. Located a little further down the strip (on the opposite side of the drive) from Moxie and Red, Hiroshi's Pub is relatively hidden from sight.

The interior has clean looking aesthetic that is rather expansive with numerous little spaces that open off of the main space (perfect for large parties that would like a semi-private space). A large bar with flat screens runs along the left side of the restaurant. As you head to the restrooms an open area of the kitchen on your right exposes the smoker that works around the clock.

I knew I was in for an experience when one of my friends asked for a Coke and the server said sheepishly, "Well, we don't have Coke. We serve "cola"." Seriously? Col-a? I'm not a big soft drink person, but when a place serves cola - it just seems a bit odd.

As one would expect in any respectable pub, Hiroshi's offers up a decent selection of beers (10-15 different micros and macros total). Burgers, salads, sandwiches, barbecue, and sushi add up to what is the largest menu I've ever seen. Yes, even Cheesecake Factory.

I'm not going to give you the play-by-play on what the four of us ordered. I'm just going to say that the Hiroshi's menu could be much more focused. I thought pretty much everything we ordered was bland and unimaginative. The sushi we ordered seemed to be quite large and out of scale with what you would get at a solid sushi place like Pacific East (Coventry). The quality of the ingredients seemed to be middle-of-the-road.

One could make the argument that if a menu has too many different choices, the diner will be paralyzed by the available options. Another argument is that the menu becomes "jack of all trades, master of none". The dishes, while perfectly edible, don't really offer any kind of special experience, either through execution or thoughtfulness, to the consumer.

When it comes to the large menu argument, I fall into the "jack of all trades" camp. Like the Top Chef contestant that tries to put too many tricks into one dish, I think a large menu shows a lack restraint. How can one possibly execute, or expect his line cooks to execute so many dishes at a high level? If they are able to prepare all of these dishes, what does it say about the imagination of each individual offering? I think if Hiroshi's was broken up into a burger joint, a barbecue restaurant, and a sushi place it could be much more successful. While well intentioned, I think Hiroshi's Pub tries to accomplish way too much for just one restaurant.

Hiroshi's Pub
3365 Richmond Rd
Beachwood, OH 44122

(216) 464-4665

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  1. I've been to Hiroshi's three times now and it gets worse every time. I refuse to ever step foot in there again. The last time our meals took forever to arrive, the server was clueless at best and the food was just plain bad. Each time I tried something different to really give this place a chance but it fails to impress me. Considering that they own Shuhei as well you would think they would know a thing or two about fish or seafood but when I ordered the seafood pasta the seafood was overcooked and tasted rancid. I took two bites and was done.

    It's a shame. I had high hopes for the place but I honestly can't see it surviving without some sort of major overhaul.

  2. A tough situation. I wish them luck, but the menu, the parking, the space - it doesn't bode well for their future.

    BTW, you're a much more forgiving person than I. You get one chance to make a first impression with me, that's why I don't go within the first three months of a place opening.

  3. l love this pub. It is an excellent place to hang out. I have been there on many occasions and the food is excellent and the new manager is superb. The sushi is excellent and so is the rest of the menus. Now they have specials on everyday of the week. This place is worth visiting. Excellent location and spacious bar.