Sunday, January 16, 2011

Steve's Hot Dogs

If Steve's Hot Dogs isn't a blast from the past, then I don't know what is. This dinky little 24 hour breakfast/lunch counter on Lorain Road is about as old school, blue collar, stereotypical Cleveland as it gets.

Steve's concept is pretty simple: an array of different breakfast options arranged in a million different combinations are posted on the wall. Non breakfast choices range from their popular hot dogs, to chili, to burgers and fries.

I go there really for one thing - the slaw dog. Is it anything fancy? No. Do they serve them on poppy seed buns? No. Are they big 1/4" dogs? No. The slaw dog has nothing fancy in its cole slaw. In fact, the slaw is of the bland "straight out of the container" variety. The hot dog itself is your garden variety cheap-o, skinny little dog - again, nothing fancy. The bun, while warm and soft, is nothing that you really take notice of. I like to have brown mustard added to mine for a little bit of pizazz, but all of the elements together somehow work. It's a good cheap lunch.

The interior of the place looks like something lifted from a late night scene in Pacino's Needle Park. Go here after hitting the bars and it's hard saying what you'll encounter (which I think adds to the excitement). I love going to places like these because they are really the only functioning remnants of what's left of the old west side working class neighborhoods.

Steve's Hot Dogs
5004 Lorain Road
Cleveland, OH
(216) 961-1460

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  1. Hey, I live in that old west side working class neighborhood (more or less). We've got lots of functioning remnants--give a call next time you're out this way.

  2. I'll be out that way the night of Wednesday the 19th, email me.