Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pizza Express

I'm always looking for places within a fifteen minute drive of my house. No matter how skeptical, I'll try anything once. Enter Pizza Express. Not only do they do pizza, but they also serve...subs (which many pizza places serve)....ribs (okay, some do. Not great ones, but still) (okay, now your starting to lose me)....falafel (What?!?!?). They pretty much run the gamut.

Excuse me if I was a little skeptical when I read this Pizza Express review with the title "Too Good to be True" by a Google user with one whole review under their belt

"To good to be true This one of the only pizza resturants that I have came across in a very long time, that everything that they serve, its just excellent, pizza, sub, fish, ribs, you name it they have it, and believe me the taste is out of this world, more people need to know about this place. Once you have ate there, believe me you will go back!!!"

Ain't she a beaut? Marco's called, they want their pizza back.

With such a sterling recommendation I had to try it, right? As you can well imagine the pizza could have easily passed as that of Marco's. Let's just say that if you're not close enough to walk to it, the trip is probably not worth making. Pizza Express is what it is, very inexpensive pizza that serves the immediate neighborhood around it.

Pizza Express
3971 Warrensville Center Road
Cleveland, OH 44122-6764
(216) 491-9138 ‎

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