Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Macky's Kahuku Sweet Shrimp Truck

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If you head east along the North Shore of Oahu you’ll find number of shrimp farms. It was from these farms that famed shrimp trucks of Oahu were spawned. There are still stands that actually sell shrimp right in front of the farms. The trucks, however, have been mobilized throughout the island to sell their bounty.

We decided on Mackey’s Kahuku Sweet Shrimp Truck because of the proximity to where we were staying and some of the recommendations from Chowhound. Since we were going to Alan Wong’s that night I wanted to make sure I cleared plenty of stomach room for the evening’s feast. (I had lunch at Grass Skirt Grill before our last Alan Wong’s dinner and wasn’t even hungry at 7.) The shrimp truck would be the perfect solution to my dinner dilemma as long as I didn’t finish the rice.

Da Truck

As we pulled into the parking lot where Mackey’s is parked I noticed a stretch limousine pulling in. If you’re familiar with the limousines then you know where I’m going with this. Japanese tourists pile into stretch limos and stop at various tourist destinations. It seems kind of strange when you first see it, but I guess it makes sense once you realize most probably can’t read the street signs. You’ll see a group roll out of the car, snap pictures of Banzai Pipeline, and then climb back in until they get the next tourist spot. It’s just kind of funny that it’s a stretch limo bumping around these famous surf spots.

So I hurried up, slammed the car in park, and hopped into the line at Macky’s before the limo could find a spot. (Nothing sucks worse than getting stuck behind a group of ten people.) The operation itself is very efficient; the only have five different plates along with smoothies, fruit plates, and Kuhuku corn (which I wasn’t aware of).

Butter Garlic Plate

I opted for the Butter Garlic Shrimp Plate (there’s also Coconut Shrimp, Lemon Pepper, Spicy Hot, and Original). With the plate I got, I’d say there were about 8 shrimp, two pieces of pineapple, a couple scoops, and a small salad for $12. I thought the shrimp and the pineapple were good. I could have done without the rest of the stuff. Looking back I wish I had gotten Spicy Hot Shrimp plate just because I’m a sucker for all things spicy.

Macky’s is actually a great way to enjoy the beautiful setting in Hale’iwa. They’ve set up a few tables complete with tents, an outdoor sink, and facilities. Everything is cooked fresh. It isn’t like there’s a heat lamp that this stuff is sitting under.

Maybe they can serve chicken, too.

Macky's Kahuku Sweet Shrimp Truck
66-632 Kamehameha Hwy
Haleiwa, HI 96712

(808) 780-1071

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  1. I love Macky's-- hands down my favorite shrimp truck on Oahu!! The butter garlic is delicious, but I'm starting to become a lemon pepper fan too. The japanese limos are really funny- but maybe they have the right idea?? Glad you finally posted this :)

  2. Macky's is the bomb. Their coconut shrimp is the best on the island. We go there for lunch every time we are in Hawaii. You won't be disappointed.... Howard & Patsy in California

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