Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Grindouts, Roadtrips, and BCP's. Oh my!

The last three months have been an absolute blur. Between the travel and office work there has been absolutely no time to update this blog with the frequency I’d like. Save for the weekend recipe here and there, I really haven’t been able to do a whole lot.

I’m not sure how most other bloggers go about composing (or in my case “composting”) a post, but my typical process is to start one in Word and sort of add and subtract to it. I sometimes decide that I’m going to just grind my way through the post - complete with misspellings and bad grammar. Go ahead. Look. I left all of the mistakes there. The grind outs are usually pretty easy to spot – disorganized and hard to follow.

The Thanksgiving post sucked. There were enough things going on that it could have been much better. Textbook grind out.

There was sufficient reason for the hurried post, though. We had to clean up the Thanksgiving mess and put everything back together before we headed out of town.

As a “thank you” to my wife, for being abandoned every other week this past fall, I decided to empty the Hilton Honors account and go on a food binge to New York and Philadelphia. How could I go wrong?

We’d had a few aborted attempts over the summer, but decided that the weather wasn’t going to get any warmer and Regina’s schedule was going to be full from Christmas until April. The time was now.

David Chang, Mario Battali, Andrew Carmellini, Jean Georges Vongerichten, Marc Vetri, bellies were going to be full and waistbands were going to expand. We were going to get a jump on the holiday feasting.

Cleveland people hate reading about stuff in New York. New York people don't care about reading about anything but, well, New York. The next couple of weeks will be a little bit of both; as I clear out the drafts from this year.

Now that my travel is done for the year I can finally sit down and post some of this stuff. It’s time to get ready for a new decade. Doesn’t it seem like we just celebrated the new millennium three years ago? The clock is ticking way too fast.

Off topic…

It’s funny, Sitemeter tells me a lot about the people who read this blog, where the readers are from, what posts they’re reading, and what site (if any) referred them. There has been a massive response to the Cauliflower Soup post from of all places Sofia, Bulgaria.

Lately, I’ll take a look and say, “What the hell? There’s more Bulgarian Cauliflower People today than there were yesterday!”

It seems like it’s being emailed because there is no referring site listed. The traffic on this thing just seems to be spreading like wildfire. Then one of the BCP’s left this comment on that particular post yesterday:

“We all eat vitamins and store garlic are used in his great taste and flavor is also good natural antibiotics even swine flu.”

Now it all makes sense….

BTW Dave, I don't want you to think I'm ignoring you. Do you think you might bust out a post on your blog of your favorite cauliflower recipe? Does it all have to be from Live to Cook? What happens when you've made everything in the book? Is the blog over? Inquiring minds want to know...

If you haven't seen his blog Live to Cook it really is well done. It takes a lot of time to do it the way he's doing it. Not to mention that your taking pictures of the stuff while it's cooking, giving cost breakdowns of the ingredients, and providing the origin of the food. [Insane] Lazy asses like me just set up a shot of the final product and put the recipe up. Great job.

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  1. Thanks for the laugh. Who knew cauliflower was so popular in Bulgaria? I probably will make an off topic blog post every now & then but will mostly stick to the book. I stopped at Zingerman's Roadhouse in Ann Arbor today. I had an amazing meal and I am thinking about writing about them. I really had no idea it would be so much work to do the blog when I started, but it's a lot of fun too! Thanks for the recognition.