Sunday, July 19, 2009

On the Fly

We decided to take a trip down to Columbus for the Fourth of July weekend. We got down to Columbus at about 1pm and decided we needed to just get something light for lunch.

Located on the corner of King and Neil is On the Fly, the take-out arm of the wildly popular Dragonfly Neo V. My wife (the falafel queen), scoped this spot out awhile back. They have a simple objective: serve organic, kosher, vegan, meat free street food. Although it's a basic concept, I think it's pretty unique.

But how good could it possibly be? Vegan? C'mon.

In a word - great.

Even though there were other choices such as chili, portabella vegetarian steak, street food salad, and empanadas, we both opted for the falafel. I got mine with the suggested hot sauce. Regina, who doesn't do heat, decided to forego the spice.

The falafel itself, while not the best I've ever had, is not overly "cakey" or greasy. What is really good is the abundance of other ingredients that come with it. From other reviews I've read, they go with whatever is in season. For us it was thin strips of yellow squash and zucchini, as well as the traditional tahini and hummus. The pita looked liked it would be bland, but we were wrong. It had a chewiness that balanced out the crunch of the veggies. The only con was that they wouldn't give my wife extra hummus.

We enjoyed our falafel while sitting outside on their patio that faces King Street. Our experience at lunch, and further research revealing the critical acclaim of their sister restaurant Dragonfly Neo-V, has me thinking we'll be reviewing a dinner there upon our next trip to Columbus.

On the Fly
249 King Ave
Columbus, OH 43201
(614) 298-9986

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