Saturday, June 13, 2009

New York Style Pizza - The Search Continues

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I was flying solo for dinner, so I figured I might as well dip into the "Regina doesn't do this kind of food for dinner" category. On this night my choice would be New York style pizza. More specifically I would be meeting my father at Capri pizza in Middleburg Heights.

Located in the shopping center across from Southwest General Hospital, Capri pizza was the last real legitimate New York style pie that had been touted by others as being authentic.

Going in with an open mind, I ordered a 14" pie (the smallest they make, the other size is 18") with pepperoni. with about 8 tables for 2 and a couple for 4 or more, Capri is a very typical spartan pizza joint.

While pizza is their main focus, Capri also offers sandwiches and pasta. Most of these offerings look to be your usual suspects.

The pizza is a tad bit too thick to really want to fold, and is a bit on the hearty side for New York style. That isn't to say the pizza is bad - it isn't. I think that it has the essence of New York style, but in the end it's just a little too thick and crunchy. I think it's a lot like Vincenza's, just more filling.

With all of the usual suggestions tried, I still have to say that Sweet Basil is my choice for most authentic New York style pizza in Cleveland. If you happen to be in Middleburg Hts or North Olmsted, give it a shot. Capri pizza is good, it's just not New York style enough for me.

Capri Pizza
18340 Bagley Rd
Cleveland, OH 44130
(440) 243-2999

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  1. Dine - have you New York in your past - or do you just enjoy this style of pizza?

    I haven't made it to Capri yet and it sounds like I would be disappointed - it HAS to be foldable!

    Have you tried Marotta's? It is pretty darn close to the real deal.

    Where is Sweet Basil?

  2. I lived in Philadelphia for a couple of years and commuted to New Jersey. Pretty much everything from Allentown, PA eastward is New York style.

    I love it because there isn't so much dough. Foldability is a hallmark, unless of course it's been reheated then sometimes it doesn't fold so well.

    I've tried Marotta's and I think it is the best example on the east side (where I live).

    I prefer Sweet Basil. Owner Dan Joyce has a really good concept going out there. It's located on Center Ridge Road between Columbia Rd and Dover Center Rd, Westlake.

    This is THE New York style pizza in Cleveland. Period.

  3. Sweet Basil is definitely on the list, then. Is it more of a "regular" restaurant, or also limited seating like Capri?

    Hope to get there soon. Though we have another drive to NY soon to get the rest of the freezer - and we should have room in the car this time for a few pies.

  4. It's a sit down restaurant with both tables and booths. The outside of it is very '70's - a nasty example of architectural malpractice.

    The inside is as stylish as the outside isn't.

    It fills up with families on the weekends. It's first come first served. I like to go for lunch because I can talk pizza with the Dan.

    Although I don't recall ever ordering any alcohol, I think they serve beer and wine also.

    I think you'll enjoy your visit.

  5. Sweet Basil in Westlake is by far the best NY style pizza in northeast ohio. It is just, real.
    The truth. If you are from staten island, queens, the bronx, manhatten or brooklyn and you want some home cooking, pizza style, then go to sweet basil in westlake. period end of story.