Thursday, June 4, 2009

Le Petit Triangle Cafe

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I enjoy going to places that are not like anything else in the city. I don't think I've been anywhere that is quite like Le Petit Triangle Cafe.

Located in Ohio City, LPTC is nestled in a small space on the corner of Fulton and West 32nd Streets. The inside of the cafe only has about 7 or 8 tables. As you walk in the door the "kitchen area", which is open to the rest of the cafe, is on your right. The tables run the length of the left hand side of the space.

What is neat about the cooking area is that the counter is only waist high and as best as I can remember is not at all hidden by heat lamps and shelves. Everything that is being prepared is in plain sight of everyone sitting at their tables.

Since I had just eaten at the Seti's truck, it was Regina that was going to do the ordering. As a dutiful husband I was willing to help her finish her food if needed.

She decided on the Smoked Trout Plate which came with capers, red onion, crackers, and chopped egg. Always a sucker for lentils she also ordered the Warm Lentils with a lemon dressing.

While I can't speak for the lentils, I can say that the Smoked Trout was very good. I think what I liked the most was that there was a good variety of crackers to go along with the fish.

I think it's just a really comfortable place to eat. It almost seems as if it's been there for decades. The outdoor area looks like it would be in high demand during the summer. Le Petit Triangle certainly makes my top five for Ohio City.

Le Petit Triangle Cafe
1881 Fulton Rd Cleveland, OH 44113 (216) 281-1881

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  1. I really love the ham and brie crepe from La Petit Triangle. When I visited to do my Hatily Made Tourism Video, the owners Tom & Joy let me know they are expanding into the former Kimo's Sushi space next door in the near future. I'm hoping they'll be able to keep the same quaint charming feeling with a larger area. Great photos.

  2. Thanks for sharing this spot. I love Ohio City, but I've never heard of this place. I'll have to check it out!

  3. I actually ate here for the first time over the weekend and I have to agree with you that although it is small, it definitely feels quaint. And for the most part, the food was good to excellent.

    Unfortunately, they tried to pass off a croque monsieur with one side burnt by placing it face down on my plate and the nicely toasted side face up. It only took a couple of bites to figure out what was tasting "burnt" when nothing appeared to be. I'd go back though.