Friday, May 22, 2009

Give the gift of .....salt?

If it's one thing I enjoy more than receiving a really cool gift, it's giving one (I'm pretty confident this goes for my wife as well).Maybe it's just a sign that I'm getting older, but I can assure you this wasn't the case when I was a kid.

Whatever the reason, I can say that as we've delved deeper into the food realm it is obvious there is no shortage in cool gifts to spend your money on.

Since Regina's birthday was coming up on the horizon I knew that I had to get my gift giving wheels in motion. Imagine my surprise when I was nosing around Michael Walsh's A View from the Kitchen and clicked one of the purveyors he had listed. I noticed a link to The Meadow.

The Meadow? What they hell do they sell?

Jackpot! The Meadow is a shop out of Portland, Oregon that offers a massive number of salts. It would be the perfect gift for my self diagnosed saltaholic wife.

For the past year she has been spooning her sea salt with a tiny glass bowl and spoon. Effective? Yes, but not much to look at in the decorative sense. That being said I knew she would love the hibiscus salt dish with dainty leaf and twig spoon.

What would go better with a hibiscus salt dish than some volcanic sea salt from Hawai'i?

The dish was a huge hit. At first the blackness of the salt freaked her out, but I think it's grown on her.

Mission accomplished. Cool gift given.


  1. I'd seen that site before. Did you notice the salt plates. They're beautiful. Some day I'll find an excuse to buy some of those.

  2. very nice, i love different types of salts, i have a box with 8 different salts around the world, crazy how different they are.... try smoking some regular kosher salt and use that next time on your steak...

  3. dion form chef to chef had some salt blocks to use as plates, that was awhile back though. otherwise salt is amazing. I really enjoy tasting the salt, alone, one my fingertip more than anything. Your realize they all have their own flavor. Of course different salt works in different situations, but I think this is more due to structure than to flavor. So a true saline cuisinair can find the right flavor with the right texture!!! sound like a new field of expertize.