Friday, March 6, 2009

Light Bistro

I’ve actually been to Light Bistro a couple of times in the past for dinner and had okay dinners. The biggest problem I’ve found in the past is that the food has been slow to come out. I actually found this to be a huge problem at its predecessor, Parker’s.

We figured we’d give the happy hour specials a try this go around. Let me just start by saying that the experiences were night and day. When our waiter came over he started off by telling us that it was $5 for a glass or $10 for a bottle of the Malbec blend. Hmmm, that’s easy math.

We went through the large selection of items on the happy hour menu. I loved it. We ordered the Pork Belly Finger Sandwiches on grain bread with Spicy Aioli, Crawfish Sloppy Joe which was Crawfish tail meat, Bell peppers with a tangy sauce. Since I ate the majority of the pork belly and crawfish, I opted for the Lamb Burger (also off the happy hour menu). Regina went with an actual entrée of Caramelized Scallops served with Sweet Corn, Bacon, and Spinach. She loved the portion size and thought all of the flavors on the plate went well together.

We’re actually very glad we tried their happy hour because it turned out to be a much more enjoyable evening. I thought the cadence in which our food came out was much improved over what we had experienced in the past. Whether or not it was the small plates we ordered, I don’t know. Whatever it was, though, it was much improved. If you’ve been here in the past and not liked it I would suggest you try the happy hour, it was a much more enjoyable experience this time around.

Light Bistro
2801 Bridge Ave
Cleveland, OH 44113
(216) 771-7130

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