Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Some random thoughts

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What's up with the "Style & Taste" section? Can't wait for the "Business, Sports, Style & Taste" supplement to come in this already diluted newspaper we call the Plain Dealer....Speaking of the The Style and Taste section, I saw that Annie Chiu of Sun Luck Garden had heart surgery. Like Bruno's on the west side, a lot of people haven't been to Sun Luck Garden. I knew that they were going to closed for a couple of months; but didn't know what the reason was. My wife likes the SLG because she always gets extra whipped cream for her dessert. Annie happily obliges because she, too, is a whipped cream addict. There's a benefit for Annie in July that I won't miss. Rest up Annie. You'd better believe I'm gonna be Takin' It to the Street for Annie...

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