Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sampling some places in The Village

I don't think each one of these necessarily needs a massive write up. Our first day there I basically ate whatever looked interesting. These places that follow are just a couple of places I saw and tried.

Beard Papa's
These little bakeries are dotted all over New York. By little I mean 6 or 7 different items little. Cream puffs, some kind of ice cream thing, a few other things make up the entire offering. I stopped in twice and had cream puffs both times. Earth shaking? No. Good. Yes. Would I go out of my way to go there? Not really. I had seen these in Hawaii but never went in. I figured I'd give them a try this time. I've checked it off my list.

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This gelateria is the only outpost here in the United States. Started in Turino in 2003, Grom caught fire with its fresh organic ingredients approach. I thought the store itself had a very hip look to it. I got a double chocolate gelato and it was quite good. What I really liked was that it had a bathroom that I could use. That was worth the price of admission right there. Capogiro in Philly is my measuring stick. While I thought this was every bit as good as Capogiro, the creativity in flavors was the difference. I think Capagiro's flavors are much more inventive. There's another place in NYC I wanted to try called il laboratorio del gelato, but didn't have time.

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Gray's Papaya
This place was a hot dog stand that drew me in just because of the whole papaya part of the Gray's Papaya? It was one of those deals where I wanted to leave once I was in line but then just said screw it. I might as well try it since I'm here. What was the deal with the papaya? Who knows. I chickened out and just got mustard on the thing. If papaya tasted good on hot dogs it would be at the concession stand instead of onions. When it was all said and done; it tasted like a Nathan's hot dog but smaller. Did I like it? Sure, but I wouldn't waste the stomach space on it again.

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Crumbs Bakeshop
My wife likes cupcakes so we stopped in here. Crumbs is a bakery that is known for a cupcake called the Artie Lange. That brought me into the place. I, however, did not order the Artie (which is filled with butter cream). I, instead, ordered the red velvet cupcake. This might have been the driest cupcake I've ever tasted. Worse yet, it was extraordinarily sweet. They should really have an oral hygenist on site if they're going to serve these things to the public. In a word....bad.....really bad. Don't go here. Your teeth will thank you.

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