Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cleveland: Mizu Sushi

Today is another installment of "Lunch with the Vegan". What's that you say? You love these because they don't pertain to pizza? Well lucky you. Actually, the new job has me in Southwest Cleveland (Brooklyn Heights to be specific) and I must say - it's one hell of a jumping point. Tremont, Parma, Independence are all within a ten minute drive.

Let's get back to lunch sans animal products....

I've heard good things about Mizu Sushi in Parma. That's right - Parma.If I learned anything while in Hawai'i last month, it's to not judge a Japanese place by it's rent. I can't tell you how many izakayas, sushi places, and noodle houses take up residents in what amounts to the outward charm of an old mini-mart. It almost seemed like they were in competition create the best restaurant in the ugliest building.

Decor and Space 3/5
  This was a very clean, stylish, little sushi spot (wedged between a convenience store and a Subway). Who knows, they might be entered in the aforementioned competition. Mizu doesn't even register on the "Chinese Takeout Sticky Scale". The dining room was tastefully decorated and a very clean, simple setting. Two rows of seating move toward the sushi bar situated in the back of the space. At this price level I think they hit the mark.

Food 3/5
   I ordered the Chicken yaki udon which was pan-fried noodles with chicken and vegetables. I guess what I like about ordering udon is that it's fairly hard to screw up. Since the noodles are very soft to begin with, it's very hard to pick up on whether they're overcooked. I guess what I'm trying to say is that unless they're undercooked, they aren't going to detract from the overall experience than if they're overcooked a little.

The sauce was just enough to flavor the noodles, chicken, and vegetables and had a light sweetness to it. I actually appreciated the sauce restraint. Nothing sucks worse then getting a plate with noodles swimming in a puddle of brown. The dish came out piping hot and definitely hit the spot on a cold winter afternoon.

Brad ordered the vegetable udon, basically the same thing I had,  only his had no chicken and more veggies. He seemed to like it; in fact he thought enough of the noodles to take an order "to go" for his brother.

Service 3/5
   Our waitress was attentive, courteous, and accurate.

Overall 3/5
     It might actually go higher once I try their rolls. I'm not suggesting this is Masa, Uchi, or Nobu. Hell, I'm not even saying it's Pacific East, but it is a solid place. The price points here fall in line with the surrounding community. I know I'll definitely do back, if for no other reason than to test drive some of the rolls they offer. Sorry, no food pics. There are some things that just don't photograph well, and flesh colored noodles, glistening with a light brown sauce and light tan tinted chicken slices is one of them.

Mizu Sushi
10219 Brookpark Rd
Parma, OH 44130
(216) 898-0098

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