Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cleveland: Crust

Crust is Jeff Fisher's recently opened sandwich/pizza shop located in Tremont. After fronting kitchens at Lago and Touch Supper Club, Fisher has apparently taken a shine to cranking out sandwiches and pies made with quality ingredients and hand-crafted dough.

Admittedly I have only had the pizza, but once I make the migration from my current job to my future job, I will certainly report back on the sandwiches.

My visit took place a little after the lunch rush. Even though it was after 1:30, there was still a decent amount of traffic rolling in. My first thought was that this is pretty much a carry-out place. Sure there are a couple of high tops that you could sit and eat at if you really wanted to, but with the smallness of the table and the cold air brushing past your back every time the door opened, I'm guessing most are going to take it someplace a bit more comfortable.

They offer whole pies that are either 12" or 16", as well as pizza by the slice ($3 for cheese, $4 for pepperoni or sausage). The slices which are cut off of what appear to be a 24" pie, are long and cut at a very acute angle. While resembling something more along the lines of a weapon than a lunch, the single pepperoni slice I bought was the perfect size for a moderate appetite.

The Slice that Doubles as a Dagger

The long sharp wedge had the thick crust that you find here in Cleveland. As I said before, the ingredients are of very good quality. As an example, the cheese actually had a flavor to it (I know, what a concept), the pepperoni had been cut off a stick on the bias, so as to let the large slices render their salty flavor into the cheese and crust. The fact that the slice is reheated gives it a nice crunchiness.

Crust is only open until 7pm Mon-Thurs, and 9pm on Friday and Saturday., so this is not a place you can hit late at night on your way back from the bars. I like the fact that they've upped the quality of what they're making without glamming up the space. Yes it's going to cost a little more, but I think you'll find an increase in quality comes with the price.

1020 Kenilworth Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44113
(216) 583-0257

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  1. I went to the CRUST on 30th and St Clair when they first opened everything looked great until I notice the person who was adding items to my slice of pizza was not wearing gloves it through me for a loop needless to say I cancelled my order and then left. Today 04/24/2018 I thought I would see if thing has gotten more sanitary "and I am very hungry" from my first visit unfortunately they are continually preparing meals and a unsanitary manner. I cannot eat food that I can see people touching with their bare nasty fingers. All I ask is that you guys put on gloves. PLEASE