Monday, July 16, 2012

Dayton: Bill's Donut Shop

Old school donut shops are a favorite of mine. There's something about the distinct smell of donut frying oil and freshly brewed coffee that I find oddly appealing. Linoleum floors, chromed stools bolted to the floor, yellowing back lit signs with blue snap-in plastic letters, all take me back to the shops of my childhood.

Bill's Donut Shop is such a place.

Old School
If you look Bill's up on the internet, you're probably going to find claims like "the best donuts ever" or "I've lived all over the country and never found anything that comes close to Bill's". I suspect many of these declarations come from a place of nostalgia. Thousands of children brought up on these donuts. Childhood memories are a powerful thing.

The truth is that the donuts' at Bill's are hardly what I would consider unique. One could go to most old school shops around the country and they'd find many of the same things they sell here. There is, however, a HUGE selection and the prices are very reasonable (70¢ a piece).

So what did I get? If it's called "Red Velvet", I'll buy it - and I did. Essentially a chocolate cake donut dyed red with cream cheese frosting, the Red Velvet was one of the more inventive offerings they had here. I like it.

Bill's is open 24 hours, so if you're looking to miss the morning rush - and it is busy all morning - then you can stop in just about anytime of day. Even though the parking lot was full the counter is well staffed, very friendly, and moves with purpose. Lines don't last long here.While it isn't someplace I would go out of my way to get to, if you're in the area I would certainly give it a shot. I'll be the first to admit that this is not on par with Dynamo Donut in San Francisco, but then again it is about a quarter of the price, too.

Bill's Donut Shop
268 N Main St
Centerville, OH 45459 
(937) 433-0002

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