Monday, November 21, 2011

Columbus: Yerba Buena Truck

While we were thoroughly enjoying ourselves at Harvest Pizzea, my wife asked bartender Erin what some of her faves in Columbus were. Almost immediately she said, "The Yerba Buena Taco Truck!" It wasn't a three or four second contemplative delay. It wasn't even a slight pause. It was an instantaneous declaration. And THAT folks is the kind of recommendation I like!

It seems that food truck politics are always at work, and as a result Yerba Buena had mysteriously fallen off the radar for a few days. Just a day or two before, everyone was on the lookout for these guys after being pushed out of a recent location. Contact was thankfully made and the truck (or in this case trailer) was found. On this occasion they were located right around the corner from where we used to live in Clintonville. As of the 15th of October they're going to be at 4100 North High St. *You have to check them out on Facebook ahead of time to make sure they'll be there. Going without checking could lead to major disappointment, as well as an angry stomach.

Fish Tacos with Cilantro Sauce
 The menu is obviously a little more refined than your average SoCal hole-in-the-wall Mexican taqueria. Erin told my wife that the fish tacos were the thing to get off the menu. She had suggested getting the cilantro sauce on the side or at least get an extra one. It turns out that was a pretty good tip, Regina wouldn't stop commenting on how good that sauce was.

Since I had already eaten at Ray Ray's Hog Pit not too far away, I figured I was done eating - until I saw the chicharrón on the menu. There was never a question. One chicharrón please. Sorry, I love me some crispy pork skin.

Un Chicharrón
As it turns out this was a new version for me. If you look at the picture the skin has been fried up, but includes one big hunk of fat, skin, and nipples.This a whole different texture to the fat scraped, dehydrated and then fried version, that one thinks of in the classic pork rinds sense.  The fatty part is more like a handle and you eat the thin slices of fried skin off of the fat. In the picture, the edible bits are the the sliced pieces pointing downward. These were pretty greasy and messy to be eating in my car, and - to my taste - just okay.

In the end it was a great call. Thanks Erin. It pays to talk to your bartender. Yerba Buena's a great find for a quick and delicious bite.

Yerba Buena Latin Grill
4100 N High St
Columbus, OH 43214
(614) 354-6394

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