Monday, September 19, 2011


If you're familiar with the intersection of West 117th and Lorain Road on Cleveland's West Side, then you know that this is THE epicenter of Middle Eastern groceries and restaurants in our city.

Diner about town, Stuart Spivack, told me about a noteworthy kebab place. Since I happened to be in the neighborhood we decided to meet there for dinner.

Kabab-G is a little restaurant that sits between W. 119th and 120th. The inside is modest, but still quite clean with booth style seating and not much in the way of decor. There are 5 or 6 booths that run along the right side of the dininng room, and a more stout dining area to the left with tables that looks like it can accommodate parties larger than four.

The hostess/waitress/cashier does a good job of wearing all her hats despite the fact that English isn't her first language. The portions sizes represent a good value when you consider what they charge. We went with the monstrously large Dinner for Two ($24), which includes hummus and lafa (pita whatever you want to call it), salad, rice, pickled veg, and two of each type of kebab. Stuart warned me that the chicken kebab isn't one of his favorites, but the beef was probably the best he's had here in Cleveland.

The Entree Portion of the "Dinner for Two"
After trying the chicken , I'd have to agree - skip it. It's just boneless, skinless chicken on a stick. No spice. Not much char.

The adona is basically minced lamb pressed together with spices. I'd describe adana as having the texture and basic shape of a McRib. It's better than the chicken but not nearly as good as the beef.

The beef is a legitimate superstar. I'm no spice master, but whatever the heck it is they put on that thing - it's awesome. Not to say that it is some overpowering spice mix, just a little added something that coalesces with the meat and char. Here's the equation in case you're interested: Spices + Beef +  Fat drippings + Hot Charcoal = Tasty Beef  (S2 + Bf + Fd² + Q = S2TBf²)

All told, Kabab-G is a high quality, low cost din. If it's ambiance you're after, then keep driving toward downtown. But if you happen to have a hankerin' for a exceptional beef kabab and a cheap night out, then I think this little hole in the wall fits that description. As with most restaurants that have something people really want - it's cash on the barrelhead.

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11901 Lorain Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44111
(216) 476-3335

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  1. I live in Huntington Beach, CA. when I visit my in-laws in Cleveland I demand that we
    make multiple stops at Kabob G while I'm in town. I'm heading back to the Cleve. this Monday for Thanksgiving & I plan on eating Kabob G until it comes out of my ears. Best middle eastern food hands down. 100% order the chicken lather it up with that delicious garlic sauce wrap it in a pita ohhhhh my mouth is watering just thinking about it. Also, do yourself a favor order the baba ghanoush, the grape leaves and do not miss the to die for hummus. EVERYTHING IS MADE FRESH I'VE SEE THE CHEF GAZZI PREPARE THE FOOD WITH MY OWN TWO EYES. Kabob G five stars, thumbs up get some go again this place ROCKS!!!!!