Friday, May 28, 2010

Got Wood?

A few weeks back there was a discussion on the Cleveland Food Forum about barbecue and the subject of where to get wood (for smoking) came up. You can go to pretty much any grocery store around the city and pick up the expensive little boxes of chips. If you've actually barbecued with these highly overpriced bits of wood you know that because of the exposed surface area to the coals they don't last very long. (If you soak them in water, you might get an extra 10 minutes out of them.) So the question on the forum was where to get larger pieces of wood?

Dave from Live to Cook at Home mentioned a place south of Detroit Road that he claimed had "a mountain of wood". If there was, in fact, a place that sold woods native to Ohio like oak, maple, hickory, apple, and cherry in large pieces that would fantastic from a cost standpoint.

The Mountain of Wood

I went out on a Wednesday just to see if I could find it. Driving down 83, I was on the lookout for a mountain of wood. Coming from the south I passed a number of nurseries and then on my right was the towering pile of wood.

Center Road Wood

They're only open on Fridays and Saturdays; since I was there on a Wednesday I don't have any price information, but I do know exactly where it is now. By the looks of things the wood is going to require a little time to season since it's just sitting out in the weather. If anyone has any price information please leave a comment and let us all know. Right now I'm pretty stocked up, but I definitely want to stop by so I can start drying it out while I burn through what I have.

View Center Road Firewood in a larger map.

riverwinerat on Cleveland Food Forum had this to offer in terms of pricing. "approx $10 for a large handful of planks (sorry, I didn't catch the weight - about 2 ft. long and about 6-9 in the bunch). Also, prices varied when I was there. I think they had "Buy one, half off the second" of cherry pieces. I bought a small bag of apple logs, say 3 in long, about 7 in the bag, for $4."

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