Thursday, August 6, 2009

Stone Mad? Absolutely.

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We went to Stone Mad Pub, Restaurant, and Bocce for the first time. First impressions? Stone - lots and lots of stone. I have never in my life seen so much stonework in one place in my entire life. Why is that significant? My father is a masonry contractor.

High Heels + Alcohol + Stone Parking Lot May Equal Broken Ankle

The World's Most Beautiful Garbage Stall

We sat out on the patio which is completely made out of stone. The floor, the walls, the tables, and yes, even the seats were made of the stuff. The inside of the building has a rustic Irish pub decor, with an indoor bocce ball downstairs.

Very Cool (What's it say?)

For appetizer, we ordered the brie wrapped in phyllo with strawberry sauce. Regina and I split a burger with blue cheese and side of the home fries. The burger was good, the potatoes were not. The potatoes were more soggy than crispy and had little to no taste. Stone Mad doesn't have a deep fryer, which I think is great, but I think some rosemary or garlic would have gone a long way to improve things. The bocce ball, which is a piece of chocolate cake covered with chocolate ganache, with bocce ball score marks in it. Not only was it good, but the idea was original.

The Bocce Ball

The food is straight forward - too straight forward. At the end of the whole thing I'd say it's a great place to drink, with the food feeling like an add-on. At the end of the night it seemed like bar first and a restaurant second.

Stone Mad Pub, Restaurant and Bocce
1306 W 65th St
Cleveland, OH 44102
(216) 281-6500

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