Sunday, August 9, 2009

Blue Canyon

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I think it's fair to say that Blue Canyon Kitchen and Tavern is a much loved Cleveland area restaurant. Twinsburg's most recognized eatery offers up big food, a big bar, and a big patio, providing something for everyone. On this occasion I met a couple of friends for some food out on the patio.

Up until now I had never actually eaten out in the patio area (it IS Cleveland, so as far as patios go it's not a long season). The multi-tiered layout breaks up the space so that it creates a more intimate setting.

The menu out on the patio is a little different from the one in the dining (at least I think that's what the server told us). Most of what you find on the patio menu is shareable in some form. We were a little irritated that the guy that was serving us hadn't eaten most of what was on the patio menu. At one point we asked, "What's good?" to which he replied, "I don't know I haven't had much of it." What?!?!? He did say that he was very familiar with the indoor menu.

This was an "after a round of golf" dinner for us, so communal dining was a welcome departure from the massive dinners that are served inside. Since we ordered quite a bit of food I'm not going to get into the blow by blow, but the sushi actually reminded me of a place I ate at down in Augusta, GA called Takosushi, sushi with a southwest flair.

There are others who are bigger fans of Blue Canyon, than I. The dining room serves up food that sticks to your ribs, if that's your kind of thing. I'm not saying that the food is bad (or even average), it's just that it not really my cup of tea. With that being said, our patio dining experience was a Top 5 for Cleveland (behind only 3 Birds and L'Albatros). The guy I ate with is really picky, the other two were out-of-towners who eat for a living (salesman), all were raving by the end of dinner.

I know summer is almost over, but if you have a chance and you get a nice night you have to give it a try.

As a side note I think the website for Blue Canyon sucks, but the "Chef's Blog" while not updated frequently, is very thoughtful and candid.

Blue Canyon Kitchen and Tavern
8960 Wilcox Dr
Twinsburg, OH 44087
(330) 486-2583

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