Monday, April 20, 2009

Eddie's Pizzeria Cerino

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My wife was born and raised in Seven Hills. In the past 17+ years I've known her and her family, nearby dining spots have always been a bit of a problem. If it wasn't D'Agnese or Corleone's there just wasn't that many places to choose from in terms of good places to eat.

Before my in-laws went back to FLA we decided to try the recently opened Eddie's Pizzeria Cerino. First off let me say that the exterior and the interior are very well done. I always love going to a restaurant that is as nice on the inside as it is on the outside. It isn't that it's lavish or anything, but you can tell that a lot of time was spent on the overall concept - and it shows.
We went on a weeknight and it was a full house. After a twenty minute wait we were seated. The service was prompt and friendly. The food arrived in an appropriate amount of time.

If I had to compare the pizza to something it would probably be most like California Pizza Kitchen. I don't think it tastes as much like CPK as much as it looks like it. I tried the Italian Blue Smoke which was topped with balsamic infused bbq sauce, chicken, pancetta, caramelized onions, mozzarella, and provolone cheese. I thought it was a really good pizza.

My in-laws enjoyed the Italian Chef salad and the pizza they shared with me. Regina didn't really care for her Eggplant and Wild Mushroom Melt sandwich. I will tell you, though, that she's very particular about her eggplant. Everything gets compared to the eggplant from Primo's in Philadelphia. (I just shake my head when she orders it because I know it won't meet her romantic idea of eggplant).

I'd be curious to know what pizza snobs have to say about EPC. While it may not be the best I've ever had it certainly fills a huge void in the Seven Hills/ Independence area. They decor and of food is a notch above your typical pizza joint and fun night out. I'd recommend it for a cheap night out.

Eddie's Pizzeria Cerino
7305 Broadview Road
Seven Hills, OH 44131
(216) 236-6007

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