Sunday, November 9, 2008

Forgive Me Father, For I Have Sinned

Wednesday night I was flying solo for dinner. Part of the reason I haven't been posting more frequently is because I've been busy trying to finish the painting on the back of my house while the weather is still warm. So Wednesday I finished up the painting and figured what the hell, I'll celebrate with a pizza.

Since my recent relationship with Geraci's had thawed I've been there a few times. Tonight I felt like something different. Originally, I wanted to go to Marrota's in Cleveland Heights but remembered the last time I got it "to go" it didn't hold up the way I would've liked it to. They, Marotta's, have very good pizza ...if you eat in the restaurant. However, if you order takeout the steam inside the box turns it into a mushy mess.

I figured I would see how well Dewey's would hold up if I got their pizza to go. A pizza chain out of Cincinnati, Dewey's has been in Cleveland Heights at least since I had come back to Cleveland a couple of years ago. It went against my "local only" policy, but didn't really feel like sitting in Marotta's by myself grubbing on a pizza.

Besides being an out-of-town chain, there a couple of other things I don't really like about Dewey's. First it's the size of the pizzas. Who the hell eats an 11" or 13" pizza? Since it is a thinner style pizza, an 11" is too not enough but a 13" is too much. Why not sell a 12" like everyone else in the free world does? This brings me to my second dislike, the price. There's a $3 price jump from 11" to 13" but just a $2 dollar jump from 13" to 17". Do you see a problem with that? In the end, I suppose it's the fact that I have to make a choice between starvation and gluttony.

The pizza itself is quite good. A typical hand tossed New York Style pizza, Dewey's has a flattish crust that has a good balance of crustiness combined with a soft chewy inside. The sauce actually has a little heat to it. I don't know what exactly it is, but it's unique (a good unique). They put a moderate amount of cheese on the pies, as well. I've seen many a pizza ruined by cheese stinginess or too much (there is such a thing).

Overall Dewey's pizza is good. I like it. When you factor in the size/price issues though, I probably won't be going back. It just kills me to support a chain right here in Cleveland. If I was in another city it would be different. Go to Marotta's across the street.

Dewey's Pizza
2194 Lee Rd
Cleveland Heights, OH 44118
(216) 321-7355

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  1. Dewey's has been a good citizen to Cleveland Heights, renovating instead of building, and donating to community groups such as Futureheights. I find their pizza to be excellent and the dining area tends to be packed every time I visit. I've also never regretted getting a large pizza to get a bit of a discount, saving the leftovers!

    I like Mariotta's too, which I feel fills a different niche at Cedar-Lee (more nice dinner night than family pizza night). I would hope no-one avoids Dewey's solely on the point that is a regional chain (that employs local people), because they would be missing out on both great pizza and a cool neighborhood place.

  2. This is obviously a personal preference. I represent less than 1/10th of 1% of the Cleveland population that tries to avoid chains. I don't think you have anything to worry about. Dewey's was jammed when I was in there, and it'll be jammed long after this post gets sequestered to the archives.

    Rest assured, if there's one reason to avoid Dewey's, the only one is that it's a chain. Lucky for them it is not a factor for the massive majority of Cleveland's population.

    The pizza truly is good. Thanks for your comments.