Friday, October 3, 2008

Vincenza's Pizza and Pasta

Vincenza's Pizza and Pasta
603 Prospect Ave
Cleveland, OH 44115
(216) 241-8382

I had to go downtown to pick-up some plotter paper. Since I was in the neighborhood I figured I'd stop by Vincenza's in the Arcade. I don't get downtown during lunchtime much, so it's always an opportunity for me to try something new. Well, Vincenza's isn't really new for me (I'd been there once before), but I figured I'd give it another try.

I'd remembered the last time I was here I walked away somewhat hungry, so I decided to try a plain, a pepperoni, and a sausage New York style. As far as by-the-slice pizza service goes these people were very friendly. Not just friendly, but friendly enough to where it stood out of the ordinary.

So how's the pizza? Eh. I think it's kind of different, not in a good way or a bad way. The crust is very crispy on the bottom (ala Flying Pizza in Columbus, OH). It's unique, but this doesn't help the foldability factor. The rest of it ain't bad, but it's nothing that knocks me off my seat. The sauce? The cheese? The crust? New York style? Not really, kind of like Flying Pizza (only not as good). Remarkably, the crust is so "airy" that I still didn't feel very full after 3 pieces. If being full is what you're after they also do Sicilian, as well. I just can't stand that much dough.

My verdict is this: If someone had it at a party I'd eat it. I just wouldn't go out of my way to go there.

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  1. Your obviously an IDIOT... Your expertise as a Pizza critic is pathetic. Vincenza's Pizza is a Cleveland classic and tastes GREAT!
    What a lame and useless review - seriously, you should try a different line of work. Give it up, you really do stink as a critic of pizza.