Friday, September 19, 2008

The Bad News Keeps on Coming ...and I could care less

For the past week things have absolutely sucked at my house. For starters, the rain that we haven’t had for the last month decided to finally come just in time for the weekend. The Buckeyes decided to pull the January disappearing act in the middle of September. The rain that had been coming straight down was now going sideways. We lost to the Steelers….AGAIN. Then the power decided to go the way of the sunshine and take a few days off. Sucks, doesn’t it?

Well, I suppose it would, if I were home.

You see, on Friday morning when the rain was still tolerable I was on a direct flight to San Francisco. By the time we landed the fog had burned off and there was sunshine. When the Beanie-less Buckeyes were getting pummeled I was wandering around Carmel. On Sunday, when the really nasty weather arrived on the North Coast, I was watching otters at the Monterrey Bay Aquarium. During the Browns’ brutalization, it was dinner delight at Gary Danko. Power outage? Well, that did suck because there would be some refrigerator fatalities when I got back.

For probably the next week or two we’ll be writing about our trip to the Bay Area. My guess is that some people probably won’t want to hear about things that exist on the other side of the country. I think more than anything I’m doing it to add to the body of things we’ve written about up to this point.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read about cool things to see or do. Then forget about them. That’s why I like to arrange all of my visits by city or neighborhood so that people don’t have to look through the entire list of blog material.

I think the other reason I do it is because we get a lot of our ideas from places like Zagat, Yelp, Chowhound, and to a lesser degree Urbanspoon. (I’m sorry, but when Steak on a Stone is voted number one restaurant in Cleveland, you really have to call into question the method by which the site operates). Methods aside, I think you owe it to these sites to add your two cents so that they continue to develop more reliable opinions.

I will say that I take into account the hyper critical nature of Zagat, the hip factor heavy Yelp, the hair splitting of Chowhound, and the ballot stuffing of Urbanspoon and attempt to formulate a list of places to go.

So in the coming weeks offer opinions, tell me about your favorite San Francisco spots.

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