Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dee's Old Brooklyn Diner

Do you remember back in the day when a long lost toy would suddenly appear? Or maybe a crisp clean Andrew Jackson has peaked its head out the pocket of the jacket you put away last spring? In the midst of everyday activities we find these long forgotten treasures, jolting us from a normal state of mind.to a sudden burst of elation.

While cutting through Old Brooklyn on my way to 480, I happened upon an old gem from my youth. At first I was a little thrown off because the name had changed - the former Don and Judy's had been renamed Dee's Old Brooklyn Diner. I knew a chance meeting such as this required a reintroduction.

The name might be different, but - lack of cigarette smoke aside - the interior of the place has stayed the same. Dee's is a classic dinette type layout with 6 or so chrome stools bolted down in front of the counter and movable tables and chairs filling out the rest of the space. Thankfully, all cooking takes place along the back of the restaurant. Ample ventilation keeps you from taking on what I call "diner smell".

West Side 4 Life

Steak sandwiches reign supreme at Dee's. Delightful double patties of smooshed, crispy edged, bovine goodness are served on unseeded toasted buns, with lettuce and onion. I don't know which one I like more, the crispy burger edges or toasted buns, but combining the two is absolutely lethal. The burgers at Dee's are some of the finest in the city.

A cherry pop (and it is "pop" since this is Cleveland), hamburger, fries (nothing special), and tip ran me all of about eight bucks.

Old school rules the day at this little throwback restaurant. The zoo is nearby, and would be the perfect for a pre-zoo breakfast or after zoo lunch. I would warn you though, closing time is three o'clock.

Dee's Diner
4326 Pearl Rd
Cleveland, OH 44109
(216) 398-1633

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